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How to Care for Your Electric Guitar

If you are new to learning an electric guitar, you might want to know how to care for your electric guitar. After all, your guitar will be your best friend on your musical journey. Knowing how to care for it will ensure your musical instrument go a long way with you.

Keep Your Guitar in Its Case

The very first simple tip to protect and keep your electric guitar in shape is to keep it in proper storage. The best storage is to keep your guitar in its case after use. Prevent the volume and tone knobs from collecting dust. Dust can affect the tone of your electric guitar and this could result in crackling sounds. Having your guitar in a case also protects it from falling on the ground or having something else fall onto it. A hard case may be difficult for you to carry around. It can also be costly. The next best thing you can get as a case would be a thick, padded and durable soft case to store your electric guitar.

Upkeep the Strings

Restringing your guitar will keep it in shape too. Some musicians change the strings every six to eight weeks. It really depends on how much you use your guitar. If you do not use your guitar regularly, maybe you can choose to restring it two to three times a year. Having new strings refreshes and revitalises the sounds on your instrument.

Wipe Your Strings

The sweat on your fingers can cause erosion to your strings as electric guitar strings are made of metal. Wiping your strings every time you play the guitar will improve the lifespan of your strings greatly and keep them sounding good. You can use an old t-shirt to clean your strings without scratching the finish on your electric guitar. A cotton t-shirt can also be used to wipe the neck and the body of the guitar. You can also purchase a guitar polish to help keep your guitar shiny.

Don’t Forget To Clean The Pickups

Dust and wool can settle on your pickups and it can accumulate. This will affect the sound and cause unwanted noise and static crackling. Remember to use only a dry cloth for cleaning and keep the pickups clean as well.

Keep Away from Moisture

Moisture is bad news for guitars. Keep your electric guitar from any type of moisture. This includes using only dry cloth and not wet cloth to clean your instrument. Also, do not clean your guitar with solutions that are not instrument-specific. Do not leave your guitar near the window, where rain might get onto it, or outside the house. Lastly, do not leave your guitar in places where someone or yourself may accidentally spill drinks on it.

Having A Proper Tool Kit

It is important to use the correct tools to maintain your guitar. Having a good start and learning which are the right tools to use will put you on a right track for guitar maintenance. Therefore, it makes sense for you to get a guitar-specific toolbox, which you can use for caring for your guitar anytime.

Ready to Learn the Electric Guitar?

Ritmo Music Studio offers lessons on the electric guitar! We have dedicated and patient teachers as well as flexible schedules to fit your needs. If learning electric guitar is not your cup of tea, we also provide lessons on Acoustic and Bass guitars.

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