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Percussion Lessons

Percussion is not just limited to playing the drums  there are so many other kinds of percussion instruments

in the world! Percussion instruments include any instrument that makes a sound when it is hit, shaken, or scraped. The percussion instrument family is believed to include the oldest musical instruments that came about during primitive and ancient times; which makes the possibilities of what you can use to create rhythms.. endless!



The Cajon is a versatile music instrument that is suitable for both beginners without any prior music knowledge as well as professional drummers: the fact that it is a "simple" box drum allows you to either play it as it is or extend your range of sonic possibilities through the use of various Cajon accessories.


The Cajon makes a great solo, ensemble or accompaniment instrument: you can either simply play along to music or play rhythmic patterns for people to dance to, play alone or as a group.

They are portable, easy to store and easy to carry around - so you can practice or jam anytime, anywhere!

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Yes, the Xylophone is actually part of the percussion family! The wooden bars on the Xylophone are arranged like the keys of a piano and produces a pitch when struck with mallets.


The Xylophone is often used in orchestras as a serious instrument but it is also easy and fun for beginners to pick up.

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World Rhythms refers to the percussion and rhythmic styles of various regions and cultures. It is not one type of music, but rather it encompasses a range of percussion instruments typically associated with different ethnic groups.

Be exposed to various drums and percussion instruments from cultures and regions such as: Djembe (African), Bongo (Latin), Surdo (Brazilian), Conga (Cuban), Dohl (Indian) and more!

*Latin Percussion lessons also available for those interested in learning how to play rhythms and percussion instruments used in Latin music only



Our Introduction to Percussion for Kids course is ideal for parents who wish to expose their young children to music but do not know where to start.


In this course, your child will be exposed to both pitch and rhythm through various percussion instruments such as: Chime Bars, Hand Bells, Hand Drums, Tambourines, Shakers and more.



Creative Percussion is the art of using everyday objects and items around around you, including recycled materials to create rhythms, beats and sounds — you can literally make music out of anything!

Learn how to make percussion instruments by recycling products and everyday packaging in our Recycled Percussion Program (children and elderly love this).

We also conduct STOMP Percussion workshops and short-term courses for groups who prefer a high-energy musical experience (highly recommended for school programs and corporate team-building).

Why learn it at Ritmo Music Studio? ($48)

  • At Ritmo Music Studio, we believe that music is for everyone: we offer lessons tailor-made to suit different age groups and competency levels for comfortable and enjoyable learning

  • You are welcome to choose songs you wish to learn to make your lessons more fun and meaningful for you

  • Wish to learn as a hobby or thinking of taking graded exams? Our instructors are able to personalize your lessons to suit your pace and objectives

  • We take pride in performance-ready learning: not only do our instructors have the qualifications to teach music, but are also active performers in our local music industry — expect to be imparted with invaluable knowledge that only comes with experience!

  • We have performance opportunities available for all our students. You can also choose to jam with our teachers! Click here to find out more

Courses & Programmes Available:

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