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Music Programmes for

Corporate & Organizations

Customised programmes can be developed according to your organisation's needs, number of sessions, and budget.
Here are some of the programmes that we offer:

Team-Building / Leadership Workshops

There are many ways we can incorporate musical activities into team-building and leadership workshops. Coming together to learn a new skill will foster greater team bonds and increase self-confidence.



Have your employees work in teams and perform an item at your Dinner & Dance! We can also train beneficiaries to perform as part of an ensemble.


Music for

Drumming with others in a drum circle offers benefits of interpersonal connection and support. Participants are encouraged to express their feelings through rhythm, which can help them to become centered and balanced.

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In our Creative Percussion programme, we use unique approaches, such as creating percussion instruments out of everyday objects, kitchen utensils, and/or art & craft supplies.

We also offer STOMP Percussion workshop & performance training.



Learn how to make percussion instruments by recycling products and everyday packaging in our Recycled Percussion Program!

We have conducted this course for clients, such as St Luke's Eldercare Centre.

NAC_014_DSC_1405 (1).jpg

For After School
Student-Care Centres

Music programmes are a good way for children and youth to boost their self-esteem and improve their soft skills such as communication, focus, leadership, discipline and responsibility. In some cases, they may also find their passion in music.


Don't see the program you have in mind?
Speak to us to see what we can do for you!

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