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Drum Lessons

"I've no sense of rhythm and I can't multi-task..

I don't think I can play the drums... "

Hold that thought! Think of learning any instrument as picking up a skill (such as computer software or swimming). Some people have natural born talent which makes it easier for them, but that doesn't mean that it's impossible to learn how to play the drums!

Arrange for a trial class with us and let our team of experienced and dedicated instructors guide you in a way that you can understand, even if you are a complete beginner in music!

What makes the Drums such a popular instrument?

  • Admit it, it looks really cool to play on the drums as the instrument is fairly large and has a number of components to it

  • Contrary to how "complicated" it looks to play, all our students find that drumming is not that intimidating and stressful after all! In fact, they feel that drumming actually helps to release stress and gives them a sense of accomplishment

  • Our students agree that drumming helps to instill discipline, improve their coordination skills and train them to be able to multi-task. These skills can also be applied to other areas of their lives outside drumming, which allows them to cope with their tasks at hand better

  • It is a real confidence booster being able to hit all the right beats and that leaves you wanting to challenge yourself more!


Overview of what you will learn:

  • Proper techniques and posture in drumming

  • Proper positioning of your drum kit

  • How to read notation

  • How to keep to time

  • Beginner to Advanced drumming techniques

  • Fill-ins on the drums

  • Improvisation and creativity: Finding your signature playing style

  • How to play along to popular songs and songs you wish to play!


Why learn it at Ritmo Music Studio?

  • At Ritmo Music Studio, we believe that music is for everyone: we offer lessons tailor-made to suit different age groups and competency levels for comfortable and enjoyable learning

  • You are welcome to choose songs you wish to learn to make your lessons more fun and meaningful for you

  • Wish to learn as a hobby or thinking of taking graded exams? Our instructors are able to personalize your lessons to suit your pace and objectives

  • We take pride in performance-ready learning: not only do our instructors have the qualifications to teach music, but are also active performers in our local music industry — expect to be imparted with invaluable knowledge that only comes with experience!

  • We have performance opportunities available for all our students. You can also choose to jam with our teachers! Click here to find out more

Check out some of our drum students' entries for our

Ritmo Music Studio Anniversary Video Contest!

Click here to view more of our Student's Gallery

"I'm afraid that the drum set will be too noisy

or too big for my home.."

Not to worry! Students get a special rate for rental of our studio rooms for jam sessions!

You can also consider getting an electric drum kit like this one instead of an acoustic drum kit

The Carlsbro CSD35M electric drum set is available for sale, drop us a message to enquire!

Courses & Programmes Available:

Arrange for a Trial Lesson today! ($48)

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