Ritmo Music Family

Who are we and why do we do what we do?

Ritmo Music Studio is founded with a vision to provide accessible and enjoyable music programs for ALL AGES and walks of life!

With a specially curated team of instructors who are active performers and entertainers in the industry, we help you to discover your musical potential and will nurture you to become a performance-ready star through our relevant and up-to-date curriculum.

Let us help discover the music in you! 

Our Vision

  • Provide a fun, encouraging environment where people of all abilities and ages can come together to play music as a community

  • Promote the movement of mental wellness through music

Our Mission

  • Support and empower our students to enjoy learning music and reach their full potential

  • We welcome people of all abilities and ages

  • Build social awareness of mental wellness through music

  • To give back with active participation and performances in community events

Meet our teachers!



Jennifer has many years of teaching experiences, ranging from CCA percussion tutor to Assistant conductor, community drumming, african drumming, drumset instructor, recycled percussion, stomp and more. She is a MOE-certified, AMIS & AEP music instructor and is currently CCA percussion instructor for various primary schools & secondary schools.

She believes that everyone can play drums or percussion, regardless of age, gender or disability. We are born with rhythms within ourselves and as babies, we naturally wants to bang on things and play some rhythms. 


She obtained her Associate of Arts in Music Performance (Drums) from Los Angeles Music Academy in 2010 studying under Ralph Humphrey, Joe Porcaro and many top sessionists in California. Other music qualifications include ABRSM Grade 6 Music Theory (Merit) & ABRSM Grade 8 Practical in Percussion.

Jennifer is also a regular performer, playing weekly at Red Dot Brewhouse (Boat Quay), & performing occassionally at various bars & pubs such as Timbre Gillman, Switch, Crazy Elephant, McGettigans, Sand Bar, Union Square. She has performed in musicals, played for international artistes and shows in Esplanades and various halls and art centers. 

While based in California, Jennifer has worked with various singer/songwriters  gigging around California. She played drums and sang on Enjoy The View album of indie rock band, Chachi, and toured with them to San Francisco thrice. In 2009, Jennifer played percussion and sang background vocals with the New York-based band, Skyebat, which won the Best Original Song in Feel Good Film Festival 2009. She has also performed in a theatre production as a blues band drummer in an eight-week docu-play, How Katrina Plays, at the Write Act Repertory Theatre, Hollywood. In 2008, she performed on african percussion with Best World Music Artiste, Nitza, as the opening act for Hollywood Music Awards.

She has also trained Member of Parliament, Dr Maliki on drumset for Siglap CC National Day Dinner 2012. She was an instructor for the 1st Community Drumming for National Day Celebrations in Tampines in 2005.

Our Teachers

We have a specially curated selection of music teachers with many years of teaching and practical experience. Our teachers are active performers in the industry - They will be able to give practical advices to bring out your musical potential!






他在1992年转向幕后工作,担任单岗录音师, 编曲, 和声,和声编写以及制作人。制作过的艺人包括巫启贤 (太傻为代表作) ,容祖儿 ,郑中基 ,彭羚 ,张智霖 ,梦飞船 等歌手。他也与创作才子李伟菘 ,李思菘,周传雄 (黄昏) 制作专辑。

吴佳明也是多位知名歌手在演唱会中青睐的合音天使。他曾在张学友和陶喆的巡回演唱会中当任合音的工作。做过的演唱会包括蔡琴在滨海艺术中心的演出, 心连心演唱会, 也参与巫启贤, 范文方, 张宇, 叶丽义, 甄妮, 罗大佑, 周传雄,阿杜等歌手的演出。





Helga is a professional vocal coach & singer from Ukraine who has been teaching since 2017.


Her experience includes working with students of all ages from preschool children to adults. She has developed her unique method of teaching different individuals.


Helga designs personalised lessons to nurture the student's talent based on their level of skill and knowledge. She strongly believes that vocal lessons not only improves singing, but also corrects speech defects, increases self-confidence, and overcomes complexes. Her lessons incorporate speech training as well.

Helga has been performing since 2010, gigging at bars and pubs and events in Ukraine, China and now Singapore. She is able to sing in English, Chinese, Cantonese, Hokkien, Russian and Ukranian.

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Enning teaches piano and music theory to students of all ages. She is also a peripatetic teacher at an international school.


Having over two decades of music teaching experience, she maintains a student-centric approach, believing that each child is unique with different learning needs. She strives to bring out each child’s potential and creativity, thus building confidence with each performance. She also believes that music helps develop the mind in creativity and self expression, which are crucial in a child’s growth and development.


Enning has obtained her BA (Hons) in music majoring in both Piano Performance and Composition from Lasalle College of the Arts as well as University of Wales and NAFA. Her piano teachers include Ms Lena Ching and Professor Pan Yi Ming and composition with Dr Zechariah Goh.

Her musical achievements include writing and producing works for short films, musicals, installation art and solo instruments as well as ensemble groups. She was also part of the composers group Quinnuance where her works were reviewed in the Straits Times.

A proficient piano and keyboard player, she has performed concerts with various groups and fusion ethnic orchestras as well as accompanist for church services and wedding events.

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Kelvin is a passionate and experienced guitarist with several years of experience in teaching and performing. He is currently pursuing his degree in Jazz music after obtaining his diploma in Contemporary Music in 2020.

Kelvin picked up the guitar basics during his childhood, self-taught during his teenage years and continued with formal guitar lessons thereafter. He is able to approach his teaching from different angles, providing flexibility and understanding from his students' point of view. 

Prior to the pandemic, he was gigging regularly in bilingual bars and pubs, performing english and mandarin songs live with his band as well as a substitute musician.




David is an acoustic guitarist who has been actively performing and teaching since 2007. He has performed with notable music groups and individuals such as The TENG Ensemble and Ms. Regine Han (LGF), for numerous dignitaries and events such as the Princess Wangchuck of Bhutan, ESM Goh Chok Tong, the South African National Day Celebration in Singapore (2015) and the Oil and Gas Council Asia-Pacific Assembly 2015.

His style of playing is often described by fellow musicians as "percussive", "unique", or "one-man band", and encompasses a wide range of musical influences, from pop, to classic rock, and swing.

To date, David has worked with NUS CAC VOICES, M5 Royal Music, Esprimere, SIM Guitar Club, various music projects in MOE schools & NGOs around Singapore, The TENG Ensemble, The QI Ensemble, LWSSOM, Starker, Pietro Ristorante Italiano, Blisshouse, Whisk and Paddle, Rocku, Club Illusion, Regine Han, and many more.

Lan Huishan



Starting out as a song-writer, Huishan has participated and won several song-writing competitions. She then explored her other capabilities and branched out into singing, hosting and voice-overs. She is currently the band leader, vocalist and bass guitarist of 奶油排骨饭 (Butteribs); vocalist and bass guitarist of 木头人, as well as the backing vocalist of award-winning Getai band 威乐斯大乐队 (Venus).

Her performing experiences include leading her group 杂叭琅 to top 8 in Superband 2008, emerging as 1st runner-up in Xinyao singing competition 2010, as well as performing for various events by renowned organisations such as MediaCorp, Jurong Point, Beam Global Asia (Jim Beam), Asia Pacific Breweries (Guinness) and National University of Singapore.

She has participated in Global SpringWave Awards 2014 with band 木头人, entering the semi-final round held in Kenting, Taiwan. 木头人 was also invited to perform at Esplanade’s Huayi Festival in 2015. Huishan is the backing vocalist of 威乐斯大乐队, which played for various concerts and shows including Getai Challenge 2015 (broadcasted on MediaCorp Channel 8). She also contributes her voice in song productions such as 插班生’s《人生实验课》 and 陈炜倩’s《你》. 




An ABRSM-qualified music educator with years of teaching experience, Ronald is equipped to teach Trinity Rock & Pop Grades 1-8 exams in Guitar. He also teaches students about basic music theory, and how to play English and Mandarin pop/rock songs, with his self prepared music scores, chord charts and lyrics.

As an Ukulele Instructor, he teaches basic chords, strumming instructions & simple pop songs. He hopes to impart to others what he have learnt, and is driven to instil a sense of passion and creativity in music.




Joel is an experienced musician, with expertise in rock, pop and jazz, as well as the ability to play many different instruments. He has also performed at many places including Timbre, Shuffle, Acid Bar and Sandbar & Flame at Sentosa. Apart from his teaching here, he has also taught guitar at other music schools, and designed and taught guitar courses for the SMU Arts and Cultural Fraternity.He was also the assistant musical director for Paul, The Musical in 2009, when he led a team of 12 musicians for 4 performances to an audience of 2,000 at the University Cultural Centre (UCC).




Ng Zheng Jie aka 'Harry' (because many seem to think that he shares some resemblance to Harry Potter) is a professional drummer based in Singapore. His qualifications include an Associate of Arts Degree in 'Drumset Performance' from Los Angeles College of Music as well as a Diploma in 'Music and Audio Technology' from Singapore Polytechnic (SP).

During his time at SP, Zheng Jie was given an opportunity to work with his lecturer Michael Spicer (Redgum) in his Improvisation Ensemble 'Sonic Escapade'.

Zheng has also worked with numerous artistes and bands, including Ifan Rais, 李梓豪 Max Lee, JJ & the Paperplanes, 林思彤 Lin Si Tong, Anushka Jagtiani, Victoria Street, Ciao Turtle and  美婷OHMYMEITING as sideman. He also joined indie pop band Lost Weekend, in the recording of their eponymous album in 2015.

Since then, he has also been active in the local cover band scene, and has performed in live music venues all over Singapore. Some of these include the Esplanade, Blujaz, Timbre, Switch, Obar and numerous others.




Justin is a music educator, producer and budding songwriter based in Singapore. He holds a grade 8 distinction for drums, diploma in Audio Engineering and is an MOE/ AMIS certified instructor.
With 7 years of teaching experience, he possess an excellent interpersonal and classroom management skills. He is well-versed in teaching students of all ages (3-60 years old) and has experience in teaching special needs students. He also teaches exam syllabus from Rockschool and Trinity Rock & Pop.

He currently conducts music lessons in various government schools, private music tutoring and music school. Till date, his students obtained 100% passes in their exams. His approachable nature, passion and dedication to his craft inspires his students; keeping them constantly motivated to improve. 

Justin has been invited to perform at various music festivals and events, such as PlayLah! 2017, Swaggout 4 and Café Festival 2014.
Justin is also the co founder/drummer/ rapper of a Singaporean Rock N Roll band called “The Pepper Tree.” The band has played numerous gigs and was shortlisted to play for the National Park Live Out Loud Battle of the Band 2018 competition in which the band was chosen as one of the finalist of the contest.
As a teacher, Justin's mandate is to ignite creativity in people's minds through music and to inspire generations through it.




Ariela is an early childhood specialist and a MOE-IRS instructor, teaching the cajon, drums and percussion instruments in Singapore since 2014. She enjoys nurturing her student’s love for music and invoking the passion of music making, as well as having a greater understanding of themselves. She has also gone through training in teaching Orff Approach in music for Early Childhood.


Captivated by beats and grooves, Ariela is an active performer who has been playing percussion since she was 8 years old. At the age of 21, she gained exposure to a wider genre of music, playing in church and with acoustic bands for private events and celebrations. She aims to spread the joy of music to the people around her.



Elizabeth is an experienced and versatile performer who has been performing since she was 18. She has a wide repertoire of songs under her belt, including English pop, Mandarin, Malay, Tamil, Mongolian and more! 

As an educator, she is passionate about sharing her love of music and guiding her students to do things they would once deem impossible!