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Whether you are a prospective student looking to learn a new instrument, a corporate client looking to build your staff's morale up, or an educational institution looking to enrich your students' learning journey, we will tailor a music program just for you!
Private Lessons

Do you prefer to take exams, or are you more of a casual learner?Learn at your own pace with your individualised lesson!  Perhaps you are too busy to commit, and just want a flexible class package? Good news, you can be spoilt with our wide array of options!
Click on the respective instrument tab to see more! 

Group Lessons

Want to learn together with your friends, family or colleagues? We've got you! Pick from our list of Group Courses, such as Vocals, Percussion, Cajon, Guitar (Acoustic/Electric) and more!

Corporate and School Programs

From Percussion Program for At-Risk Youth, Creative Percussion Programs for Schools, to Recycled Percussion Programs, find out more about what we can customise for your organisation!

Ritmo Workshops & Activities

Not only do we teach regular lessons, but we also create fun and interesting workshops, activities and events! Find out what's on currently!

Trial Class Contact Form


"What if I don't like this instrument?"
"I have never played any instrument before, I have no idea what I want to learn..."

If this is you, we've got your back! We understand your dilemma, so we are more than happy to let you have a trial class with an instrument of your choice!

Simply provide us your details in this contact form, and let our Ritmo team do the rest of the work.

*Trial Class duration is 45 minutes, except for children below 8 years old (30 minutes). Price of trial class is per person.

Book your trial class today!
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