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Sing & Play Lessons

Do you enjoy singing? Have you ever dreamed of playing along or performing solo? Choose from either one of our Sing & Play courses! Our instructors will not only teach you the basics of the instrument, but basic vocal techniques as well so you can start performing some of your favourite songs in no time!







What is the difference between Sing & Play

and regular instrument courses?

Sing & Play

  • The focus is on learning how to sing and play at the same time rather than to excel at singing or playing an instrument

  • Basic playing and singing techniques will be taught

  • No graded exams (more for hobby or casual learning)

  • Suitable for those interested in being able to perform solo

Instrument or Vocal only

  • Techniques taught will be more in-depth and progressive

  • You will have a better understanding on how your instrument works in musical compositions in order to be more creative in your playing

  • Graded exams available (optional)

  • Recommended for those who know which instrument they would like to focus on

But what if I change my mind mid-course and decide that I want to learn how to sing and play as well / learn my instrument more in-depth so I can take an exam?

Go for it! We believe in providing an individualized curriculum to suit your own learning needs and aspirations — feel free to consult our team at any point during your course,

we will be glad to walk you through your next step!*

*Some Terms & Conditions apply

Why learn it at Ritmo Music Studio?

  • At Ritmo Music Studio, we believe that music is for everyone: we offer lessons tailor-made to suit different age groups and competency levels for comfortable and enjoyable learning

  • You are welcome to choose songs you wish to learn to make your lessons more fun and meaningful for you

  • Wish to learn as a hobby or thinking of taking graded exams? Our instructors are able to personalize your lessons to suit your pace and objectives

  • We take pride in performance-ready learning: not only do our instructors have the qualifications to teach music, but are also active performers in our local music industry — expect to be imparted with invaluable knowledge that only comes with experience!

  • We have performance opportunities available for all our students. You can also choose to jam with our teachers! Click here to find out more

Check out some of our Sing & Play students' entries for our Ritmo Music Studio Anniversary Video Contest!

Click here to view more of our Student's Gallery

Courses & Programmes Available:

Arrange for a Trial Lesson today! ($48)

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