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7 Local Talented Music Acts to Know

We may be familiar with overseas music acts from Rihanna to Coldplay to Taylor Swift but not familiar with local music acts or even our very own music scene. But Singapore is a place where talented musicians have made waves not only here but overseas as well. Keep a lookout for these 7 local music acts so that when our live music scene reopens from the pandemic, you know where to find them and enjoy their sounds.


M1LDL1FE is an indie-pop band that weaves together lush electronics textures and eclectic dance grooves into uncomplicated catchy pop tunes reminiscent of the early 2000s. First conceived as a university hall cover band and formed in 2012, they wrote their first originals in college dorm basements and garnered attention with their EP “Pairs” in 2015.

2. Joie Tan

Joie Tan was inspired to create her own music after observing her father writing devotional songs for the temple. She grew as a singer through her YouTube Channel. She enrolled in LaSalle to pursue a Bachelor in Music with support from her parents who are themselves, musicians. This local songbird has made waves in recent times with her self-titled album a riveting mix of jazz, pop, and alternative tracks. Her song “How Long” will no doubt awaken the hopeless romantic in you.

3. Whirring

The indie-synthpop duo Whirring is the answer to Britain’s ‘Oh Wonder’. Whirring goes deep in weaving deft personal narratives, exploring the anxieties and vulnerabilities lying beneath the surface of the psyche of the 20-something. Fall in love with the lush vocals of singer-songwriters Aqid Aiman and Michelle Jeon.

4. Naomi G

Naomi G is one of Singapore’s dark pop songstresses. Her music is moody downbeat electronic with slick notes of Alt-R&B mixed with Dream Pop. She describes her music as a “body-caressing raw sonic prelude to (her) own deeper tensions.” Naomi G draws influences from the minimalism of Lorde and Banks and her gothic, pop-R&B debut ‘Cage the Animal’ makes a great introduction to this emerging dark pop princess.

5. Hanging Up the Moon

Hanging Up the Moon is the brainchild of local artist Sean Lam from the well-known rock band ‘Concave Scream’. However, Hanging Up the Moon’s roots are not in rock and roll unlike Sean’s first band. Instead, it is focused heavily on acoustic music with the guitar and occasionally ukulele. The band produces smooth harmonies and brooding lyrics that are honest and mellow that will touch anyone’s heart that lends them a listening ear.

6. Becka

Throw together a mix of Adela and Michael Bublé and you will find Becka, a budding homegrown singer-songwriter. Becka was trained as a classical pianist and now performs singing a mix of jazz, pop, and soul. The talented singer-songwriter released a Mandarin album, inspired by her view of the complexities of life.

7. Analog Girl

Mei Wong, also known as The Analog Girl emerged in the local music scene when it was abundant with post-hardcore rock acts such as A Vacant Affair and The Great Spy Experiment. Electronic music had not yet flourished. As a solo female musician in the underground scene, Analog girl challenged the scene with her standout presence and her sweet lo-fi sounds of synths and tape recorders. Her album “Golden Sugar Crystals” includes the track ‘What You Are Showing Me Is a Fantasy’ which was handpicked by Apple Music for the ‘Best of the Week’ playlist.

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