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At Ritmo Music Studio, we believe that music is for everyone and can enrich lives! This is why we make our courses, workshops and programmes accessible and tailor-made to your needs. You are never too young, too old, too slow or too busy to be able to make music a part of your life.


Our focus is on performance-based learning so you will not only learn music in theory, but also be able to have fun, increase your creativity, boost your confidence as well as perform with others. Let us help discover the music in you!


Courses Overview

At Ritmo Music Studio, we believe that Music is for everyone and it can enrich our lives!

Enjoy all the benefits music has to offer:

Elevate your mood, Relieve your stress, Boost your creativity, Enhance your focus, Increase your confidence, most importantly, HAVE FUN and let loose! 

We understand that different people have different goals, schedules, abilities and pace — which is why we make our courses, workshops and programmes accessible and tailor-made to your needs.

Let us help to Discover the Music in You!

Choose an Instrument



Portable and easy to pick up for beginners. Play anywhere!



Love singing karaoke? Learn vocal techniques to improve your performance.



A popular instrument that you can play solo or with others! Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitar courses available.



Digital Piano and Keyboard lessons available. Learn how to become a versatile musician!



Always wanted to entertain and be able to sing and play? Learn how to on either the ukulele, guitar, digital piano or keyboard.



Explore the world of Percussion: Cajon, Latin Percussion, STOMP, Xylophone and more!



For those who can't help but to tap and groove to a beat! Drumming is a fun way to reduce stress while expressing yourself.

Select a Suitable Programme

Our Clients

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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