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Young Music Explorers Camp    
Let your children explore various musical instruments and perform in a band!    
Keyboard, Cajon, Vocal, Ukulele, Percussion workshops
Explore various musical instruments
Learn to play in a band & YouTuber experience 

Let your children explore the various musical instruments over the 5 day workshops! 
Get an introduction to the fundamentals of Keyboard, Cajon, Vocal, Ukulele, Percussion!         

Highlights of the camp
-Play various instruments
-YouTuber Experience
-Jam in a band
-Arts & Crafts 
-DIY Ukulele     

Activities include: 
- Basic strumming and chords on Ukulele 
- Simple melody and chords on Keyboard, 
- Rhythms on Cajon
- Basic techniques of singing 
- Other Percussion instrument such as Shaker & Tambourine 
- Experience Jamming with their peers in a band! 
- YouTuber Experience(recording and creating YouTube videos)
- Dress up for the recording on the 5th day
- Arts & Crafts activities like DIY Ukulele decorations to bring home
- Outdoor activities will be included in the camp 

The children will receive a personalised lanyard, camp t-shirt, DIY Ukulele and a certificate of completion at the end of the week. 
Lunch, snacks and beverages are provided daily.      

Music camp, Music workshops, Keyboard, Cajon, Vocal, Ukulele, Percussion
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