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Vocal Lessons

Most people enjoy singing but some are not very confident about how their voice sounds like to others. Through our vocal lessons, you will learn the proper vocal techniques to build your confidence, find your unique voice and reach your full singing potential — you do not have to feel conscious about singing out loud around other people anymore!​

Vocal lessons are not just about 'practicing singing'

  • Vocal classes help to build up confidence and self-esteem because at any point, you would have to perform in front of someone (aka your instructor!)

  • It will help to improve your listening and communication skills, which can also be applied to other areas in your life

  • Finding your own unique singing style can be liberating as it allows you to express yourself without feeling inhibited

  • Understanding vocal theory will enable you to pick up an instrument (such as the guitar or keyboard) faster in the future

  • Gather 2 or more friends or family members and consider taking classes as a group! Learning how to sing together can be a fun recreational activity for you and your loved ones.

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Overview of what you will learn:

  • Correct posture and breathing techniques

  • Proper warming-up techniques and performance preparation

  • Pitch and Intonation

  • Various vocal techniques

  • Rhythm training

  • Vocal theory and note reading

  • Explore different genres and interpretation on mood

  • How to develop a wider singing range and dynamics

  • How to hit the notes and sing your favourite songs in-tune!


Why learn it at Ritmo Music Studio?

  • At Ritmo Music Studio, we believe that music is for everyone: we offer lessons tailor-made to suit different age groups and competency levels for comfortable and enjoyable learning

  • You are welcome to choose songs you wish to learn to make your lessons more fun and meaningful for you

  • Wish to learn as a hobby or thinking of taking graded exams? Our instructors are able to personalize your lessons to suit your pace and objectives. Also, it's okay if you decide to change your objectives mid-course: i.e prepare for a school audition or company performance

  • We take pride in performance-ready learning: our instructors do not only have the qualifications to teach music, but are also active performers in our local music industry - expect to be imparted with invaluable knowledge that only comes with experience

  • We have performance opportunities available for all our students. You can also choose to jam with our teachers! Click here to find out more

Courses & Programmes Available:

Arrange for a Trial Lesson today! ($48)

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