Private Lessons

Maximise your potential with our private music lessons! With a 1-to-1 instruction, our teachers are able to individualise instruction and attention to your learning needs and preferences.


 We are also one of the few music schools in Singapore to offer a Flexible Lesson package, specially for adults with irregular schedules!

Choose from the wide array of instrumental courses offered at our school:


Sing & Play

For those of you desiring the best of both worlds - Sing & Play classes are for you! Learn to sing, and play an Acoustic guitar or Keyboard simultaneously. 


Are you looking to learn Conga, Djembe, Mallet Percussion, or other percussion? Enquire with us today on playing the various percussion! Percussion ensemble class to follow suite soon!



Are you always singing along to your favourite tunes? Let us nurture your voice and singing techniques through our Vocal Course.


Strum away! In our Beginner Course, you will learn the basics of chords strumming and patterns, and play popular songs on either an Acoustic, Electric or Bass Guitar.



With sounds reminiscent of a paradise and having only four strings, it's no wonder the ukulele has been charming the hearts of kids and adults. Learn to strum to some cheery tunes!



The drummer is the heartbeat of a band! As an aspiring drummer, you will learn essential drum rudiments and reading, and to improve your sense of rhythm and timing.


The cajon is perfect for you, if you have always wanted to play in an acoustic band! You will learn cajon rudiments, notation reading, arrange your own fills, and more.



If you are keen on learning a versatile instrument which can be used across music genres—like Classical, Pop, and even Rock—our Keyboard course will be extremely fun and rewarding for you!