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Why Start with An Acoustic Guitar?

There are so many reasons to start learning a guitar if you are musically inclined. Music can transform lives and playing a musical instrument also comes with many mental and physical benefits. Although you can start with a classical, electric, or acoustic guitar, we will be focused on why you should consider starting with an acoustic guitar if you are a beginner.

1. Your Accompaniment for Creative Spontaneity

Creativity can come to you anytime. It could be in the shower, while you are watching a film, or even when you are just strolling around your block. Sometimes even walking in the park and being aware of the trees and birds can bring on a sense of inspiration. Some of the most timeless songs were written in the backseat of a car. For example, ‘Last Christmas’ a classic hit was written by George Michael in his childhood bedroom while he and Wham bandmate was visiting Michael’s parents.

An acoustic guitar is a great companion for you to create music anywhere. Unlike an electric guitar, you don’t need to plug it into any PowerPoint and you can strum and create melodies anywhere.

2. Unlimited Possibilities

The acoustic guitar was traditionally an accompanying instrument until the folk music genre explosion in the 1960s. But it was really MTV Unplugged in the 1990s that acoustic guitar came into its own. From a background instrument, it became the centre of music. With its unique sounds from rich timbre, the acoustic guitar in the hands of a creative mind has unlimited possibilities Ed Sheeran made the acoustic guitar the foundation centre of all his music. He was able to turn a one-man show into a stadium event with nothing more than an acoustic guitar.

3. Good Training for a Guitarist

Playing the acoustic guitar can actually make you a better guitarist. First, you learn to fingerpick on the acoustic guitar. This is one of the best techniques you will ever learn as a guitarist. Next, you may find that an acoustic guitar is harder to play than the electric guitar if you go for a trial class. You may notice this is because the acoustic guitar strings are thicker and harder to press and your fingers could get tired faster because you have to physically play harder.

As the acoustic guitar produces the sounds you play in its purity without any distortion, delay, or reverb like the electric guitar, your mistakes are also heard more clearly, allowing you to improve as you play along.

The acoustic guitar hones you as a better guitarist as well as a songwriter. The clean sounds from the acoustic guitar do not hide any mistakes and if any song sounds good on it, it means you can further enhance your song and shift it to a higher level. But if a song cannot withstand the test of the acoustic environment, regardless of what other ingredients you add to it later, will not make the song better than its original version. A good song always shines in its rawest and basic form.

If you are interested to pick up the acoustic guitar or going deeper into it as a beginner, get in touch with us at Ritmo Music Studio in Singapore.

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