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How Music Enhances Learning in School

Most of us love music. We often go through life with music. We may hear them on the streets and radios in the past, but now, we seldom go by without music with our earphones plugged into our mobile phones. Although we may take for granted that children should be exposed to music for learning purposes, music actually does enhance learning in school.

Active Development through Music

Exposure to music can improve learning and help increase positive classroom engagement. During the developmental stages of children, active engagement with music can aid to impact the way the brain processes information, especially in the perception of language and speech. It also helps us improve our ability to communicate with others through bonding with music. Learning lyrics in order to sing along also helps school learning kids improve their ability to read and to write.

Several studies on the effects of calm music on school-going children suggest that music can reduce aggressive behaviour and help to regulate moods, particularly helping students to reduce feelings the stress and anxiety. Students who are able to regulate their emotions in positive ways naturally are also able to enhance their potential to learn.

Benefits of Active Learning through Music

Besides the salient advantages of improving language and communication skills via music, students who have early musical training are also able to reason better. The ability for children with musical learning to reason better is due to being exposed to music, which helps to develop the left side of the brain.

Playing music also helps to enhance memory. Student musicians are required to learn to play musical instruments through practice and memorize musical notes in order to perform. Memorization serves students well in education and as they step into the workplace.

Taste of Success Enhances Confidence

We all know that having a sense of self-confidence gives us the ability to want to explore our potentials in learning. Learning to play pieces of music on a new instrument can be challenging. But constant practice and the eventual ability to play music give boost to a student’s confidence. Since music requires good coordination and proper tuning and tone, being able to play well also teaches the student to produce good work. The ability to craft and play good music and having a taste of success performing in front of friends gives students a sense of achievement. Having a sense of achievement gives students the courage and confidence to learn new things in school.

Where to Expose my Child to Music?

Keen to expose your child to music? Ritmo Music Studio in Singapore is offering Music Exploration Workshops starting on 16 March 2020. The one-day workshop allows your child to explore acoustic instruments such as the ukulele, Cajon, and keyboard. Here are the details:

Date: 16 March 2021 (Tuesday)

Time: 10am - 5pm

Cost: $160/ pax

Location: Ritmo Music Studio (531 Upper Cross Street #02-59, HongLim Complex, Singapore 050531

You can get in touch with us here or Whatsapp us at +6588089763.

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