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Reasons to Learn A Musical Instrument After 50

Over 50 years of age and wonder if you are too old to learn musical instruments? You may easily picture an image of a young child playing the piano or learning the xylophone. But the idea of seeing an older person learning a musical instrument may not be common. Well, if you think learning an instrument is only for kids, it’s time to update your thinking. Music is for everyone regardless of age, much less jamming together with friends of various ages. Famous musicians such as The Rolling Stones are still playing well into their 70s, right? Therefore, there is no stopping the middle-aged or seniors from learning musical instruments and performing together. Here are reasons why you should learn musical instruments after 50.

Music for the brain

There is a wealth of scientific research over the last few decades that shows the tremendous benefits of music education to maximize intellectual, social, and creative areas of the brain in adults and in particular older adults.

Most activities use only a few areas of the brain at one time. But when it comes to playing musical instruments, the activity sets off a symphony of activity all over the brain. If you would like to keep your mind sharp well into the decade ahead of you, it is time to check out local music programmes near you, versus vegetating out in the couch in front of the television.

The instrument you choose reflects who you are

Have you been forced to learn a particular musical instrument when you were young? You may be forced to learn the piano when you love drums, or the organ when you want to play the guitar. It could be due to your size that your parents have chosen the most suitable instrument for you.

Now that you are in your 50s or 60s, you no longer have to be restricted to a musical instrument someone chooses for you. You are free to make your choice! The musical instrument you choose reflects who you are deep within.

You might have been a secret rebel, wanting to express yourself through the drums, or you might be an aspiring folk musician, wanting to learn the acoustic guitar to belt out the political songs of Bob Dylan. Whatever it is that you choose, now is the time to fully enjoy your choice of instrument and to turn your musical dreams into reality.

Expand your social circle

Expanding your social circle could be more difficult when you are in your 50s to 60s. It can also get lonely at home as your children and grandchildren go out for work and for school. In addition, you might have lost your spouse through a divorce or death.

Learning a musical instrument can help you get out of the house, learn something new that you have always wanted to, and to meet new people who share the same interest as you. You may start interacting only with your teacher when you start your lessons. But over time, you may meet with other musicians of various ages who share your passion for the same musical instrument or genre of music.

You may even decide to start your own band and perform in community clubs! Don’t let your mind limit your potential.

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