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How to Write Lyrics to Love Songs

Love songs dominate the music charts and are the mainstay of most lyrics of a good song. For example, Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’ stayed at the number one spot for ten weeks, while Diana Ross’ and Lionel Richie’s ‘Endless Love’ remained at the top of the charts for seven weeks. A love song evokes strong emotions and creates inspiration for some of us. This is not surprising, since most of us have fallen in love with one another before. If you are a trained musician, you might want to write a good love song to impress your other half. We share how you can write lyrics to love songs to show your loved one how much s/he means to you.

Different forms of love song

Although love songs belong to one genre of music, there are different types that express different sentiments. Each type also brings out different feelings. Love songs come in three different forms.

The first is the type that compliments your other half. It praises the kindness and beauty of your subject. You can easily think of the lyrics to write by listing down all the lovable qualities of your loved one. You can also be specific. You may love a certain habit of theirs, or even their smile, their gaze, or how they walk into the room. Everyone has a unique quality you can hone in on.

The second type of love song you can write is pleading for the one you love to reciprocate your feelings. You can write down the things you wish to say to your crush but you have trouble telling it to them face to face. If you are the shy type, this type of song will work best in the pursuit of your love.

The third and final type of love song is one which you write to celebrate your life together. You can pen down the milestones in your relationship and memorable times you wish to convey your gratitude. It can be tricky to write the lyrics to this form of love songs because it can turn out cliche. But with dedication and sincerity from your heart, you can create authentic lyrics. One good example is Etta James’ ‘At Last’.

Structure of a basic love song

Most love songs follow a similar pattern of structure. You can use the following structure for your basic love song.

Song Structure:

  • Verse One

  • Chorus

  • Verse Two

  • Chorus

  • Bridge

  • Verse Three

  • Chorus

Generally, choruses are four to six lines. The verses are longer than the chorus while a bridge is just a couple of lines.

Ideas on what to write

A great framework to start with is to focus the first verse on yourself. Bring your loved one into the picture in the second verse and you can bring your beloved into the picture. You can describe your relationship in the bridge.

Finding the right words

Be specific about your beloved or your partner. Add details that you have observed or only both of you know. It shows how much you know them and that you wrote the song for them.

Next, be charming by using humor. Lighten the mood as laughter establishes a strong connection between you, your partner, and of course, the listener. Work with some inside jokes or write about some of the fun times you had together.

Don’t forget to be emotional. Add some powerful emotional words to evoke colorful feelings in your song. Last but not least, write about what feels right. It must come from your heart. Don’t imitate others and be open with your feelings. Don’t use big words or just to rhyme because it sounds good.

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