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5 Ways to Find Inspiration for Songwriters

Feeling stuck at writing a song? Most writers get writing blocks from scriptwriters, novelists to songwriters. Where do song ideas come from and how does a songwriter find inspiration to write. If you listen to most of the songs out there, you may get the hint that romantic love could be the number one inspiration from which most songs come. But what if you do not have a muse? Does that mean there is zero inspiration for you? That is not true at all. We suggest 5 ways to find inspiration for songwriters.

1. Keeping Up with the News

Don’t be surprised, the news can be a great place to find inspiration. Every day, there is something happening in the world. Famous musicians such as U2 have found inspiration from political events and penned hits such as ‘Sunday Bloody Sunday’ where the lyrics describe the horror felt by an observer of the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Later hits such as Green Day’s ‘American Idiot’ was written as a response to US President George W Bush’s war in Iraq that emerged from the September 11 attacks in 2001. You can choose something that resonates with you and imagine yourself in a situation seen or heard in the news and allow that imagination and inspiration to take over you to pen your song.

2. Life Reflections

Songs reflecting on one’s life lessons can be poignant. Your reflection on what you have been through in life and what you learnt from it can be a lesson for another person. There were great songs that reflected on life’s lessons such as Sting’s ‘Fields of Gold’, My Chemical Romance’s ‘Disenchanted’ to The Chainsmokers’ ‘Closer’. Writing about the lessons on life allows you to be a storyteller, writer and musician rolled into one as you turn those bittersweet and impactful experiences you have learnt over the years and turn them into a song. No one really reflects on lessons learnt in life until something messes up. This genre of music can really resonate with some people and help them wise up, before they make the same mistakes as you did, making such songs meaningful.

3. Watching Movies

Some movies really tug at your heartstrings and could touch you deeply. This is one of the ways to overcome creative blocks. Movies allow you to immerse into the character’s world and you can feel the emotion of the scene while watching. It can leave an emotional impression on you. The movie music, acting, and lighting of the frames could all draw you in and make you feel like you are participating in the world of the protagonist. We all like and are moved by different genres of movies. Pick one that could potentially move you and get your pen ready to write your thoughts about it as an inspiration for your song.

4. Books and Magazines

Not into movies? There are books and magazines you can browse through that can spark a new idea into your song. Books and magazines, unlike movies, allow your imagination to run more freely with its words. If you have an unfinished song, or if you are looking for a story for a new song, reading books or short stories from tragedies, true stories to inspirational stories can really open up your mind to new ideas.

5. Listening to Others

Writers trying to find inspiration can sometimes find it by listening to family or friends. A family member or a friend could be going through a hard time in a relationship or at work. S/he could be celebrating their successes or facing a moral dilemma. All these situations make great ideas and inspirations for writing a song. Perhaps you have faced similar situations in life as they did. Perhaps unlike them, you have bottled up your feelings. Allow your feelings about their stories to flow through you and set it free as a new song.

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