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5 Reasons To Start Learning With An Acoustic Guitar

Interested in learning the guitar? The guitar has got many advantages. You can play and sing along with it without needing other musical instruments. If you bring it overseas on travel, you may even belt out a song for your partner or just bask on the street to see what response you can get if you are too shy to do it at home in Singapore. These ideas aside, you may be pondering which guitar you should start learning with as a start. If you have an interest in varied music genres, you might be torn between a classical, electric, or acoustic guitar. In this post, we will highlight why as a beginner you might want to start learning with an acoustic guitar.

1. Easy To Carry Around

The acoustic guitar is easily portable. You can carry it along with you to anywhere. With an electric guitar, you have the amp and cables to worry about. For a beginner, it can be a hassle.

Compared to a drum set or piano, you can play your acoustic guitar anywhere you want. You can bring it along to play at a friend’s party, and practice it with friends in their homes or outdoors. You don’t have to be near an electric outlet to hook up an acoustic guitar.

2. It Is Affordable

If you are starting to learn with your first guitar, the acoustic guitar is a great choice because it is affordable. You need not get the best quality guitar for your first musical instrument. An acoustic guitar does not cost a fortune and you have some great options to choose from below $200. With the same amount you spend, you can get a better quality acoustic guitar compared to an electric guitar.

As a newbie, you may not be sure if the acoustic guitar is something you want to stick with for the long term, so it is better not to splurge on it. But being affordable allows you to learn the basics. It also helps you save so that you can upgrade to a higher quality acoustic guitar if you would like to go deeper in your acoustic guitar playing.

3. Easy to Start With

An electric guitar is a lot more complicated to start with. For example, you have to figure out the electronics, knobs, and switches. You also need to learn how to use the amp, which comes with its own set of complex knobs and doodads. Then you have to hook them all up together and you need an electric source in order to play the electric guitar.

The acoustic guitar can be operated without electricity or batteries. Its sound comes from its material and all you need is to tune it and to start strumming or plucking. This enables the strings’ vibrations to resonate within the wooden soundbox and produces an organic sound. Even an acoustic-electric guitar can be played unplugged like a regular acoustic guitar until you get comfortable working an amp into your setup.

4. Timeless Sound

The acoustic guitar has a timeless sound, which never goes out of style. It allows you to play a wide variety of music genres. Despite many music trends that come and go, the sound of the acoustic guitar has endured and has continued to attract players from generation to generation.

5. Writing and Composing Songs

The beauty of an acoustic guitar is that it allows you to easily write and compose songs. You can do the same with an electric guitar. But with an electric guitar, you usually need to compose songs with a band. If you prefer to work alone or can’t find any band members in the foreseeable future, an acoustic guitar would be a suitable option for you. Plus, as an acoustic guitar player, you can not only write and compose but to perform solo as well.

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