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Why Are Drums the Most Important Instrument to Learn?

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Drums may be cumbersome to learn since there can be a logistical nightmare. Also, imagine having neighbours complain about you when you are learning while banging on your drums at home. Despite these disadvantages to learning drums, drums are considered the most important instrument to learn. Why is that so?

No Drums, No Beat

Drums are the backbone of most music genres. There is always a place for a drummer despite in an age where electronic samples can make more of an appearance in modern sounds. Drums are so important because it sets the tempo and pace for the band. Moreover, some genres of music are characterised purely by the sound of drum beats. For example, you can’t have funk without a drummer grooving on a hi-hat. Drums are also an important feature of modern dance music. Even in an acoustic setting, Cajons are used to create that soft tempo beat for rhythm and keeping time.

Transferable Skills

There are many musicians who play other instruments but are surprised when they approach learning the drums, how it helps them improve their ability to play their main instrument.

Many musicians from guitarists to bassists approach their musical training by focusing on melodies, notes and other techniques. But when they get into the drums, they learn about timing. This timing mindset accompanies them when they return to playing their main instruments.

Playing in Different Styles and Cultures

Once you have good rhythm and skill you can pick up different percussion instruments and have a go at playing them. Learning the drums help you become more versatile with other types of drums and allows you to become open to new types of drumming styles. Trying out new drumming styles helps you learn about other cultures more deeply and allows you to become creative with your music.

In fact, learning world music with percussion can really open your mind to different styles of music rhythms and tempo. You can join percussion classes in world music to learn more about drums to widen your playing style.

Rock to Anything with Drums

A drummer may be sitting down throughout the set while his bandmates have the freedom to move around the stage and let themselves go with the groove. But the drummer is the one providing the tempo and rhythm to the grooves. This means the drummer, despite being in one place (at the drum kit) is also able to rock out as s/he is the one moving the most and rocking out most of the time despite being in a chair.

One of the Oldest Cultural Instruments

When you play the drums, you are getting in touch with the roots of world cultures. Drums are one of the earliest instruments and you can find many different types such as the djembe, bongo drums, and timpani’s to play on. You may find yourself playing in a rock band, a marching band, a jazz band, or even an orchestra. These different percussions involve different forms of drums that create an endless list of what you can choose from in your drumming career.

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