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Ritmo Music Studio Students Wow at Year End Concert

Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Ritmo Music Studio held its 2022 year-end concert at MusoSpace in Singapore. The concert featured a line-up of dedicated student musicians who performed a variety of festive and pop songs.

The concert opened with a stunning performance of “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” by the band, Eudemonic, an inclusive community percussion group started in January 2021. Another standout band performance of the day was led by Sneijder Lim, who put together a band with his friends Brian, Dazaree, and Daniel. They played the songs “Sparks Fly” and “Misery”, which kept the audience moving to the beat. It was the first time in Ritmo Music Studio’s concerts that more than a quarter of the programme line-up featured collaboration or group performances. Sneijder credited his music teacher, Jennifer, for guiding his journey as a musician and instilling the habit of practicing consistently to achieve success. Dazaree felt it was more fun and easier to perform as a group, compared to singing solo, as the band members felt the synergy of playing together.

Another highlight of the concert was Sarah, who played the drums to “Dreams” by the Cranberries. Sarah loved the song after she heard it at a young age and was glad she had the freedom to choose to perform music outside of the syllabus. She was pleased that the performance went well despite her nerves.

Wei Chin and Pamela also made an impression on the audience when they played the conga to 'Oye Como Va'. Wei Chin, who loves to co-create music and often plays jazz with friends, mentioned that it was inspiring to watch all the performers from various age groups and different musical journeys performing that day. Wei Chin thanked her teacher Jennifer for imparting her valuable knowledge of Latin music and percussion, and also for the conducive learning environment at Ritmo Music Studio. Pamela mentioned her concern about not being able to adapt well if there were impromptu deviation from the score, but everything worked out wonderfully in the band items. She expressed her appreciation that teachers at Ritmo Music Studio encourage the freedom of expressing individual musicality and to enjoy the music, compared to her previous music learning experience.

The concert also saw Alex Chang drumming up the atmosphere with Blur’s infectious rock hit “Song 2”, as well as Van and Rae showcasing their vocals to the crowds’ delight.

The teachers from Ritmo Music Studio also displayed their musical skills in a collective performance of Adele’s “Someone Like You”. The finale saw the Eudemonic Percussion Group end the concert with the festive song “Feliz Navidad”, led by the vocals of teacher Helga.

Overall, the concert was a showcase of the hard work and dedication put in by the students at Ritmo Music Studio. The audience left feeling inspired by the passion, enthusiasm, and youthful exuberance of these musicians on stage.

Congratulations to the students and staff of Ritmo Music Studio for a wonderful afternoon of music.

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