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Learn Ways to Sing in Tune

Have you ever wanted to learn to sing in tune because your friends and relatives force a smile or try not to make a face when you are singing? Perhaps a teacher in school told you that you cannot sing in tune and you feel discouraged. But you can learn ways to sing in tune, so do not give up singing!

It Can Be Learnt

If you think you cannot sing because you are most of the time singing off-key, you may be consoled to know that not everyone is able to hold the notes throughout a song. Most people start off singing okay but eventually hit a wrong note or wander out of key. Some may think another has a bad voice for singing, but that too is not the truth because singing in tune even with a ‘bad voice’ can be learnt.

Even the best singers out there, from Mariah Carey to Whitney Houston have been trained to refine their voices and practiced singing. They make it look easy because they have already done all the work behind the stage.

There are ways to learn how to sing in tune and here are a few tips to help you out!

Are You Biologically Made for Singing?

There are very few impediments to becoming a good singer and the most important is physical. Some people suffer from tone-deafness. It is a biological condition of the brain known as amusia. This encompasses the inability to hear the differences between musical pitches.

This means that when someone plays two different notes on a piano, a person who is tone-deaf would be unable to tell whether it was the same note or two different notes. This is naturally a difficult impediment to overcome because the singer would find real difficulty as their ears and brain cannot tell if they are hitting the right notes.

The good news is only 3% of the general population suffer from tone-deafness. So, the probability of you being tone deaf is very low. Also, there are ways to check if you are tone-deaf. Just google online for an ear test online and find out if tone-deafness is the cause for your difficulty in singing.

Learn to Match the Pitch

After you have confirmed that you are not tone deaf, it is time to learn to match pitch with your voice. It means to hit the right note when you sing. There are three ways you can learn to match pitch:

1. Use a digital tuner:

You can use a digital tuner (for your guitar) or use an online tuner to learn to tune your voice. Most digital tuners allow you to play the target note. It would be helpful to have a musical instrument to play the note you are aiming for.

To start, you can choose a note you are comfortable singing by setting your tuner to your target note such as A, or C. If you are tuning your guitar, tune the guitar to the digital tuner, strum, and hum along with the sound. Imagine the note you are singing in your head and when you sing, watch the tuner to see if your pitch is too high or too low.

2. Match pitch with an app

You can search for a phone app that helps you practice match pitching your voice. Search for “match pitch voice” and see what turns up. Instead of the momentary display of a digital tuner, you can see a graph of how your vocal pitch varies over time and it gives you a good idea of how your pitch skills are progressing with your practice.

3. Record yourself

Another way to check your pitch accuracy is to use free audio recording and analysis software such as Audacity. First, record yourself singing a melody, then use the software’s pitch analysis to view the pitch of your voice during the performance. Identify the notes which you sang off time and then try to correct them.

Still feeling lost? There are other ways to learn to match pitch and learn vocal control. You don’t have to do it all on your own! Ritmo Music Studio in Singapore offers music programs such as Vocal Lessons to help you reach your singing potential! Get in touch with us via Whatsapp +65 8808 9763 to learn about our free trial.

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