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Famous Musicians and Their Relationship - Oasis

Britpop pop/rock band Oasis was one of the iconic bands formed in the early 1990s. They were well-known for hits such as ‘Supersonic’ and gathered massive fans who romanticised the band as the new Beatles. The band was not only famous for their unique sounds but also the public rivalry between brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher. Oasis began when Liam’s acquaintance invited him to join their band called Rain. Liam suggested the name change. Noel, who is older than Liam, who was working as a band crew for Inspiral Carpets, watched the band’s performance and considered using Oasis as an outlet for his creative endeavours. He had written several songs and proposed to Oasis about joining on the provision that he would become the band’s leader and sole songwriter. The band agreed and Oasis crafted a sound that was unique in the 1990s. In our article on famous musicians and their relationship, we take a look at Oasis and their breakup.

The Breakthrough

Oasis’ big break came in 1993 when they were discovered by Creation Records co-owner Alan McGee. The band’s first album ‘Definitely Maybe’, released in August 1994 entered the charts at number one within a week of its release and at that time was the fastest-selling debut album in the UK. Their follow-up album ‘What’s the Story, Morning Glory?’ achieved worldwide success selling over four million copies and becoming the fifth best-selling album in UK chart history. The album produced two hit singles “Wonderwall” and “Don’t Look Back in Anger” which reached number one and two in the UK chart respectively. However, by their third album, the quarrels between Liam and Noel Gallagher were plaguing the recording sessions.

Rift Between the Brothers

Noel Gallagher first quit the band in September 1994 after his brother threw his tambourine at him. This was the first public crack of the Oasis façade. However, after disappearing for a couple of days, Noel returned and turned the incident into a hit song “Talk Tonight”.

During the recording of the band’s second album, Noel repeatedly hit his brother over the head with a handy cricket bat after the latter brought a group of people back to the studio while he was trying to work. Noel had imposed a no drink or drugs policy in the studio so that Liam could sing properly. This policy caused quarrels within the band. In 1996, Liam pulled out of the MTV Unplugged performance where Noel announced his brother as a sore throat and proceeded to play a 12-song set. He proved he did not need his brother. Liam decided to watch the show from the crowd and heckled the band.

Trouble continued between the two brothers as Liam announced he was pulling out of a US tour in August 1996 to sort out a personal matter. He had apparently sold his home leaving his wife no place to live. Four years later, an argument ensued as Liam questioned the legitimacy of Noel’s daughter Anais. Noel attacks Liam and he left the band for the second time while Oasis completed the rest of the European tour without him.

Liam continued with personal troubles with Noel was displeased with his behaviour. This came to a head in April 2009 when Noel in an interview with Q magazine commented that his brother is the angriest man you’ll ever meet. There was much bickering between the brothers on social media with Noel adding that “Life would be easier without Oasis…”

The last straw came in August 2009 when Liam attacked Noel with the latter’s guitar. Noel claimed the argument began over an ad for Liam’s clothing firm Pretty Green in the V Festival programme. Noel quit for good and Liam started another band three months later called Beady Eye with former Oasis members. Despite many rumours, the brothers have dismissed reunion rumours.

Band break-ups usually happen due to disagreements of egos. But you can learn from stories of successful bands’ successes and failures. If you want to start a band by learning your first musical instrument, check out our programmes at Ritmo Music Studio in Singapore.

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