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Celebratory Year-end Performance by Ritmo Music Studio’s Students

Ritmo Music Studio makes it a yearly affair to celebrate our students’ achievements and display their musical talents with a year-end public performance. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there had to be a restriction of attendees and so this year’s event was a closed-door performance.

We are extremely proud of our students who performed with various instruments from the piano, drums, Cajon, djembe to vocal performances. In a show of support, the teachers performed as a band and played three songs, “我等到花儿也谢了”, “Sign of the times” and “Shallow”. Songs performed by the students include popular songs such as “Glad you Came”, “Believer”, “Wake Up”, “Leave before you love me”, “My Universe”, and many more.

Teachers, students, and invited guests enjoyed the day and left some of their thoughts about the music performances.

Hannah, who played “Won’t go home without you” on the drums said she had a lot of fun performing. Peter echoed Hannah’s sentiments and added if not for Covid-19 restrictions, it would have been nice to be able to watch fellow students perform on stage. Peter and Hannah played the Djembe today to the tune “Hot and cold”.

Geok Yuan, who treasured her first time performing the piano on stage, values the experience and enjoyed the mingling amongst performers and teachers. Lance, who attended as an audience of the event said he was glad to witness talents displayed by different students, especially those who are still very young. He was happy to be able to support his family at the performance.

Fellow performer Nikil played the Cajon for “Glad you came” was very satisfied with how the event went and was happy he could perform and meet fellow students. Lastly, Van who performed the vocals on “Arcade” said the variety of performances made the event enjoyable.

Want to learn a new instrument and show off your musical skills? Join us at Ritmo Music Studio next time either as an audience or a performer! Check out our available music programmes and get a free trial with us!

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