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Look Out For Our Acoustic Band Jam Camp in Nov!

We had a blast with our participants, students on a school break this October in our 3-day Acoustic Band Jam Camp. Students who were enjoying their school break came to learn with us at our music studio located in Chinatown.

The session began with an ice-breaker where one of the students shared she joined the workshop because she liked the keyboard. They had a chance to learn different musical instruments and the first was the cajon.

It was followed by the ukulele where the participants learned and played the popular pop tune “Can’t Stop The Feeling” by Justin Timberlake. At the end of the first day, they learnt the song structure and played the ukulele and the cajon with guided practice.

More instruments were added to day two of our music workshop as the students jammed together at the start of day 2 with the ukulele and cajon. The students were encouraged to be more expressive and they gladly participated with some of their own styles on the instruments. They also had a taste of playing the keyboard. Before the second day of the band jam was over, the students came together to play together as a pop band!

Things got serious on day 3 as the students were taught what to look out for as they prepared themselves for a video recording of their jam session. It helped build their confidence and the students were really excited as they performed the song on video with a professional set-up! One of the students, Sharanya, really enjoyed being at the music camp because she got to spend many hours at the studio though she is camera shy. Arisha loved the teachers. Both participants loved their time learning on the keyboard.

The parents were there to savour the fruit of their kids’ achievement after the 3 day workshop. One parent commented on the warmness of the teachers and with the children having such fun it would be nice if the workshop had a longer duration.

For those who missed it fret not! We have another Acoustic Music Jam Camp coming up in November and December!

The details are as follow:

Date: 23-25 Nov, OR 28-30 Dec 2020

Time: 1pm - 5pm

Venue: Ritmo Music Studio (Nearest MR: Chinatown)

Early Bird Rate is $299 per pax and if you bring along a friend, it’s at $250 per pax.

The usual rate for the Acoustic Music Jam Camp is at $350. The cut-off date for early bird sign-up ends on 8 November.

During the 3-day band jam workshop, you will get to learn:

  • Basic strumming and chords on the Ukulele (7-10 yrs old)/ Guitar (11 and above),

  • Simple melody and chords on the Keyboard,

  • Rhythms on the Cajon,

  • Other percussion instruments such as the Shaker & Tambourine

The workshop will end with a video recording of you jamming in a band with your friends! Enquire with us via WhatsApp on +65 88089763 or sign up with us via Eventbrite.

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