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9 Fun Facts About Harry Styles

Everyone knows Harry Styles, the youngest of One Direction with that broad cheeky smile and curly hair. A fan favourite, he had enormous success with the band with their debut album “Up All Night (2011)”. The album was followed by more chart-topping works that included “Take Me Home (2012)”, “Midnight Memories (2013)”, and “Four(2014)”, all of which opened at the number 1 spot on the Billboard 200. The curtain came down on the band as it disbanded in 2016, but Styles found success as a solo artist. Here are 7 fun facts about Harry Styles for fans of this talented and young singer.

1. Singing wasn’t his first choice for a career

Styles worked at a bakery near his home for 6 pounds an hour. And he actually applied for the post of a lifeguard, but he didn’t make the cut. This was just before he auditioned for The X Factor, and decided maybe the career of a pop star might suit him better.

2. He has a phobia

He has a phobia of snakes, also known as ophidiophobia.

3. Styles’ most popular song

“Sign of the Times” is Styles’ first song as a solo artist and is also the song with the most views on YouTube. The song reached number 1 on the UK charts and number 4 in the United States in 2017. The single won a BMI Pop Award and the video snagged the Brit Award for British Artist Video of the year in 2018.

4. He is a mummy’s boy

You may think that as a pop star, his schedule is probably too full to call his mum every day. But he calls his mum five times a day and was also really nervous when he had to give a speech at her wedding, proving just how much she means to him.

5. He has a heart of gold

On his off day, Styles bought three thousand dollars worth of pizza and drove around Los Angeles, handing it out to the homeless.

6. Singing is not his only talent

Besides belting out popular hits as a singer, Styles is also an actor. He has acted in films like “Dunkirk”, “The Eternals”, “My Policeman” and “Don’t Worry, Darling”.

7. One Direction isn’t his first band

Before he became a part of One Direction, Harry Styles was part of the White Eskimos, a band he led in high school.

8. He loves rom-coms

One of Styles’ favourite things to do is to watch a good romantic comedy.

9. His first big purchase

Guess what was Styles’ first big purchase when One Direction’s “Up All Night” came in second in the charts? It was actually a mattress! He did not indulge in a Rolex or a Porsche.

We hope we have given you enough fun nuggets about Harry Styles. If you love music, check out our list of music programmes at Ritmo Music Studio!

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