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7 Signs You Will Become A Good Singer

Want to become a professional singer? Or do you just love belting out songs one after another and performing in front of friends and their friends? You may have a secret ambition to become a well-known singer someday but yet doubt your ability. But deep within, it feels natural that you are born to sing. Although it may not be easy to find the answer of whether you should pursue singing, there are 7 signs that you will become a good singer.

1. You Find Yourself Singing Most of the Time

Are you singing in the shower, while making breakfast, packing your clothes or even when you are out with your friends? That could be your natural passion. You find yourself unable to stop yourself singing whether you are in the car, in the bedroom or walking down the street. It’s a clear sign that it is time to hone your skills and learn to sing.

2. You Love Performing In Front of Others

While public speaking is the number one fear for most people, you have no trouble singing, not to mention speaking in front of a crowd. You love to be in the centre of attention. When it comes to becoming a good singer, beating out that fear of performing in public is one big battle won.

3. Singing Makes You Feel Lifted

Singing makes you feel emotionally lifted as if you are on another plane. You may even feel as if you are out of the body when you are singing, while at other times you may feel deep within, being aware of every sensation and movement of your body. While this may not happen all the time that you sing, if you can feel this joy emanating from within when you sing 80 to 90 percent of the time, it’s a sign you should start chasing this feeling.

4. Singing Doesn’t Feel Like Work

We all know the feeling - being able to do what we love doesn’t feel like it’s work. Even in the worst of circumstances, when you have to balance work and school, somehow, learning to sing does not make it feel like work. It feels enjoyable and it makes you happy.

5. You Are Fully Committed

We shrink from commitments especially when it comes to something we aren’t sure about - it could be work, financial, and relationships. But if you are committed to learning how to sing, even if you are tone-deaf, you can be sure that becoming a professional or a good singer is somewhere in your stars. You are one step closer to becoming the singer you have always wanted to be.

6. Constructive Criticism Is Not A Problem For You

None of us likes to be criticized, even if it is constructive criticism. But it is important to get positive and helpful criticism if we want to improve on something. If you are passionate and serious about improving your singing, and you are not averse to receiving feedback or positive criticism, it is a sure sign of your impending success as a singer. Being able to handle criticism is a big sign that you are on track to improving yourself to becoming a good singer.

7. Singing Lessons Are Really Fun For You

If going for singing lessons bore you, it is a definite sign that singing is not for you. But if you find singing lessons fun and can’t get enough of it, chances are this is something you enjoy. Although sometimes, the bad experience you get in a lesson could be because you are not enjoying the repertoire or the teacher is not a good fit for you. Though passionate singers, they would be able to get through difficult routines and even tough teachers.

Ritmo Music Studio’s vocal lessons are not just about learning how to sing. It also involves learning to build up your confidence to sing in front of others and in the process improves your listening and communication skills.

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