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5 Ways to Celebrate Christmas in Singapore This Year

The pandemic might have put a damper on Christmas celebrations last year. This year, things seem to be looking up as more people are vaccinated and the borders are also opening up with vaccinated travel lanes. But if you are still uncomfortable about making cross border travel due to the unpredictability of covid mutations, there are 6 ways you can celebrate Christmas in Singapore this year.

1. Meet Your Favourite Characters

If you are not travelling to foreign lands this Christmas, you can consider going to Universal Studios to meet your favourite characters. The Merry Minions, Sesame Street friends, Madagascar characters, Shrek and Princess Fiona will be out and about on the streets.

The streets of New York will be glittering with lights. Watch interactive movie sets such as a hot air balloon and a topsy turvy Christmas house. Delicious and fun festive foods are also available at eateries and you can also try your hand at games offered at carnival games to win yourself a colourful souvenir.

2. Decorate your home with a Christmas tree

With safe distancing rules, many of us may be choosing to spend our Christmas holidays at home. You can create the holiday spirit in your home by decorating your home and putting up a beautiful Christmas tree. Having a Christmas tree can really lift the entire household to the mood of celebration.

If you find it hard to get an amazing live Christmas tree in Singapore, you can get a tree with hyper-realistic FirTech technology that makes it look real. They are easy to regard as real Christmas trees. Although most people prefer to go for fake Christmas trees that are cheap and affordable, you can consider getting these realistic Christmas trees at affordable prices too. Get your family together to decorate the tree with Christmas lights and ornaments.

3. Admire lights in Orchard Road

Christmas time is the time when Orchard Road lights up with different colours and ornamental lights. Besides the lights, there are also many things to see and to buy on sale. Despite social distancing, you can also get your taste buds satisfied at many of the food eateries and restaurants along the famed shopping district.

4. Enjoying beautiful blooms at Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is the place to relax and spend the weekends. But every year, the garden lights up during Christmas. This Christmas, Gardens by the Bay will feature Singapore’s biggest Christmas fair featuring luminating light sculptures, rides, carnival games, festive market, Santa’s Grotto and numerous other entertainment options.

Expect to see a human-made blizzard, massive Christmas tree and Christmas carols that add to the festive holiday cheer.

5. Make Christmas Cookies and Music

Cooking and food are some of the activities we do for celebrating Christmas. Making Christmas cookies for the family and to giving away also helps create the Christmas mood. Especially if you decorate your cookies with Christmas colours and decorations. Get your kids to help you in the preparation and when the cookie smell starts filling the house with a delicious aroma, it is a reminder that Christmas is coming.

Besides making cookies, the family can also get together to play and sing along to Christmas carols. Find some of the best Christmas carol songs to play together for a memorable home celebration.

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