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What are the Differences Between A Digital Piano and Keyboard?

For those who are interested in learning the piano, the thought of starting with a grand piano may be intimidating. The acoustic piano costs a lot and its size requires a significant amount of space in the home to accommodate it. You may want to start with learning the digital piano or keyboard instead. But what’s the difference between a digital piano and a keyboard? Knowing the difference may help you begin your journey in learning the piano.

The Digital Piano

The purpose of a digital piano as its name suggests is to replicate the acoustic or grand piano. Digital pianos are ideal for those who would like to learn the piano without the costs that come with purchasing a grand piano. Moreover, a grand piano comes with a lot of mechanical parts, making them heavy and prone to damage. They are also high maintenance though they have the superior sound quality to digital pianos.

Digital pianos come with weight keys so that the experience of playing it resembles a traditional piano. It is also designed to be less expensive, easier to maintain and transport. Digital pianos are used to record music onto a computer.

Types of Digital Pianos

There are three different types of digital pianos available in the market - the standard digital piano, upright digital piano, and stage piano. Upright vertical pianos are built with a large cabinet like a real upright piano. They take up space like the traditional piano but are easier to maintain.

Stage pianos are digital pianos used for live performances. Compared to a traditional piano it is easier to transport and sturdier than standard digital pianos. Standard pianos are used primarily for practice and for play at home. Though standard digital pianos are not as large or have many features, they offer excellent sound balance.

Types of Keyboards

There are various types of keyboards from the high to the low end. You might find low-end keyboards in toy stores and they definitely do not come with full features as keyboards you find in music stores.

High-end keyboards are commonly loaded with different voices, tones, rhythms, and sound effects to give a musician or producer control over the sound they want to produce. Some high-end keyboards also come with synthesizers and MIDI controllers.

Keyboards have fewer than the traditional 88 keys you find on a digital piano. This makes keyboards more compact but yet allows the musician to create different types of sounds in the music. Keyboards generally do not have weighted keys and so do not feel or react like piano keys.

Keyboard or Digital Piano?

Depending on your interest and what you are trying to pursue, it will help you decide to learn to play the keyboard or the digital piano. If you like the sound of traditional pianos but would like a portable piano that is easier to maintain, then a digital piano is for you. However, if you are looking to be creative and versatile with producing different sounds, you would be looking to learn the keyboard.

If you are undecided, you can sign up for a trial class with us at Ritmo Music Studio.

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