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What Are the Differences Between an Acoustic and Bass Guitar?

Are you an aspiring guitarist? Or you could have an aspiring guitarist at home. Deciding which types of guitar are suitable can be a challenge! There is the choice of the electric guitar, the bass guitar, and the conventional guitar also known as the acoustic guitar. We shared in a post whether the acoustic or electric guitar is better for beginners. In this post, we will point out the differences between an acoustic and bass guitar.

Difference in Size

Bass guitars are almost always bigger than acoustic guitars. A typical long-scale bass has a neck of about 34 inches or 86 cm in length. Short-scale bases can have a neck length of about 30 inches or 76 cm in length. A guitar’s neck, on the other hand, is usually about 25 inches or 64 cm long. The strings of a bass guitar are also thicker and longer than guitar strings. Bass guitars come in four-string, five-string, and six-string models. Some even come with fretless necks. Acoustic guitars come with six strings.


Both the acoustic and the bass guitars come with steel strings but they differ in the number of strings and tuning. Guitars have six strings and a standard tuning of E-A-D-G-B-E from the lowest to the highest E string. With four-string bass guitar, you will find the lowest four strings, the E-A-D-G and they are an octave down in pitch.

Ease of Play

Both the bass and acoustic guitar can be played with the fingers or a pick. But unlike the six-string acoustic, the bass guitar is usually plucked than strummed. You can pluck the strings with two fingers for efficiency and speed. When playing the bass, you learn to pluck with simple patterns right away instead of learning the chords when it comes to playing the acoustic guitar. More bassists usually pluck with their fingers than use the pick.

When it comes to the acoustic guitar, you can fairly play a song quickly once you learn a few chords. Playing songs will help you learn to pluck the strings, strum, Flatpicking, and go freestyle.

Possible to Learn Bass without Acoustic Guitar?

Of course, it is possible to start with the bass guitar instead of the acoustic guitar. Perhaps the best thing about learning the bass guitar is that you do not need to memorize any chords unlike playing the acoustic guitar. All you need is to strengthen your fingers to pluck the strings.

Where to Learn the Guitar?

You can learn the electric, bass, and acoustic guitar at Ritmo Music Studio in Singapore. Ritmo Music Studio offers music lessons in the heart of Chinatown with experienced teachers to fit into your schedule.

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