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Is The Acoustic Or Electric Guitar Better For Beginners?

Are you looking to embark on learning the guitar but you are confused about whether you should start with the acoustic or electric guitar? For a beginner, it can be confusing since both the acoustic and the electric guitar offer different benefits and prices. But as a beginner, it would be better to choose the type of guitar based on the music you want to play. So if you are into rock music, the electric guitar might be better for you. If you are into folk or Ed Sheeran, you might want to go for an acoustic guitar. But if you are wondering which type is easier for you, we will break down whether the acoustic or electric guitar is better for beginners - based on subjective needs of course.

Why The Electric Guitar?

Electric guitar strings are thinner and are made of steel or nickel. Electric guitar comes with magnetic electric guitar pickups and turns the strings into a voltage and sound. The string generally runs from a light .009 to a heavy .011. The distance between the fret and the string helps beginners as it does not require placing stress on your fretting hand to make a note out of the electric guitar.

The electric guitar’s neck is also thinner making it easier for your hand to get around. Another plus is that beginner’s electric guitars have less bulk and are quite ergonomic. The downside is that it is heavier than an acoustic guitar.

Why the Acoustic Guitar?

With the acoustic guitar, the sound is generated by string vibrations amplified through the guitar’s body. For the acoustic guitar to resonate and produce tones from the soundhole, it requires heavier strings ranging from light 0.11 gauge to a heavy 0.14. With thicker strings, it is harder to bend a string and more tension is required to bring the guitar up to pitch and this may not be so comfortable for the beginner at the start. Though with time, the discomfort will disappear this explains why techniques applied on electric and acoustic guitars are different.

If you are thinking it is easier to start learning with an electric guitar, notice that you only need your acoustic guitar and a pick to start playing. Unlike an electric guitar which requires the guitar amp and cable. You also don’t need to get used to the high volume, effects pedals and other peripherals that accompany the electric guitar. So if you start with an acoustic guitar the costs are lower for the start.

Still Confused If You Should Start With Acoustic or Electric Guitar?

There is no wrong answer whether you choose to start with the acoustic or electric guitar. Both guitars come with six strings and are tuned low to high in standard tuning. They both use the same notes and the scales and chords you learn on one can be applied to the other. Although the techniques may differ, the fundamentals are the same.

The next best way to try it out is to book a trial lesson with Ritmo Music Studio to find out which guitar is better for you. Trial classes cost just $30, a great way to try out before starting your guitar music lessons.

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