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Is it Possible to Change Your Taste in Music?

Music taste is a personal preference that is influenced by a variety of factors. These include individual experiences, cultural background, and exposure to different genres and artists. Some people believe that their music taste is fixed and can never be changed. While there are others who believe that it is possible to expand or diversify their music preferences over time.

Why does music taste remain the same for some?

Studies have been made to study the flexibility of our music tastes. A study published on music perception showed that our music preferences is largely influenced by genetics and early life experiences, which can be difficult to change. A journal published in Nature found that people who share a genetic predisposition for certain musician preferences were more likely to enjoy similar types of music. Another journal in Psychological Science found that music tastes are often shaped by the music that people are exposed to during their teenage years, which can be an influential period in one’s life in terms of music taste.

Reasons why music taste can be expandable

While some studies showed the reason why some people’s music preferences seldom change over time, there are other findings that tell us why for others, music taste can be expandable.

Research published in the journal Psychology of Music found that people who were exposed to different types of musical styles were more likely to develop a more diverse and open-ended musical preference.

There are also anecdotal examples of people who have successfully changed their music taste over time. It could be intentional efforts to discover new music, seeking out recommendations from friends or music critics, or attending live music events to discover new artists. Music platforms also offer a quick and simple way to get recommended to new music based on a person’s listening history and preference. Some may be exposed to new sounds and styles by moving to another environment and meeting new cultures. Some people may intentionally seek out new music in an effort to expand their music horizons, while others may stumble upon new artists or genres by accident.

While it is true that music taste is influenced by a variety of factors and can be difficult to change, it is also possible for people to expand and diversify their music preferences over time. This can happen through intentional efforts or fortuitous timings. Whether someone can open his or her mind to new styles and sounds also depends on how he or she is open-minded and willing to try new things.

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