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Am I Too Old To Play Drums?

There is a belief that it is easier to learn new things when we are young. When we are young, it is easier to pick up a new language as well as a new musical instrument. The reason is that when we are children, the brain is still developing. So, if you are past 40 or even 50, you might have this belief. You may have looked at others playing drums and think it’s cool and fun, but wonder if you are too old to play drums.

Age is Just A Number

Many people say that age is just a number? But is it? Well yes and no. The mind can continue to think it is always 18, but the body signs start to show. You may feel your muscles tighten, and more aches and pains than when you are young. However, whether we pick up a new hobby or learn something new, it is the mind that dictates the body. Since playing drums keeps the body coordinated and moving, it is like exercising the mind and the body’s motor response together. It is great for children to sharpen their hand-eye coordination, as it is for aging adults.

The Brain Is Plastic

It was widely believed in the past that adult brains are set in their ways and habits. Children on the other hand had a golden time to shape and wire their brains to learn new skills. Whereas this rewiring of the brain is no longer available to an adult.

This belief has been debunked in recent years. In fact, scientists found that every new experience rewires the brain. The brain’s plasticity, known as neuroplasticity refers to the brain’s ability to change and adapt as a result of experience. So, if we choose to stick to routines and be comfortable, the brain then is ‘set’ in its way, although the fact is every new experience, if we are aware of it rewires the brain.

For example, if you have always been an impatient person, this is not a set in stone trait. It can be changed if you make choices to rewire this trait in your brain. Learning the drums, which brings on a new experience rewires your brain as well.

In fact, it is now considered that adult brains have the vast ability to adapt and learn than what we thought to be possible in the past. It is therefore a myth that you are too old to play the drums.

Encouragement From Our Students

Some of our drum students at Ritmo Music Studio are middle-aged and older. They chose to learn drums because it has always been something they had wanted to do but was unable due to work and family commitments.

SK said learning to play drums helped him focus on a task at hand as he tends to multitask. It allows him to be in the present. He said that when you give yourself time and the willingness to practice, nothing is impossible.

He added that he used to be impatient and his journey in learning the drums has helped him become more patient in wanting to learn the technique. Kenneth too said that drumming has helped him learn to be more patient as he tends to be impatient. He also learned to improve physical coordination in his eyes, hands, and legs by feeling the temp and learning to understand the rhythm. He encouraged older adults to learn for interest and enjoyment and said the learning environment is great and the teacher is also patient.

Join us at Ritmo Music Studio for drum lessons in Singapore. We are located near Chinatown MRT.

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