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7 Health Benefits from Playing the Keyboard

When we think of playing the keyboard, we usually think of the tunes we can produce from it like John Legend’s ‘Minefields’ to the classic Billy Joel’s ‘Just the way you are’. Rarely do we think about the physical health benefits that can come from playing a musical instrument. Yes, there are health benefits from playing the keyboard. It does not only enhance us mentally, but physically as well.

1. Encourages Creativity

A study was conducted on jazz pianists and their brain was monitored while they play. It was found that the part of their brain responsible for default responses was turned off while they were playing. Instead, the brains of these jazz pianists were firing with spontaneity and improvisation producing unique sounds.

2. Strengthens Hand-Eye Coordination

Playing the keyboard is one way to strengthen your hand muscles and your hand-eye coordination all at the same time. Imagine having to look at the music notes while knowing where your fingers are going on the keyboard. A recent study on hand motor control in musicians found that keyboard performers have changed the cortical mapping to increase finger speeds. Playing the keyboard can help children and adults with reduced motor skills improve brain connections to increase coordination.

3. Increases Split Concentration

Playing the keyboard requires you to concentrate with two hands going to different places. At first it may seem quite daunting and frustrating. But gradually, being able to split your concentration becomes an integral part. The ability to split your concentration while playing the keyboard also helps you to sing as you play along. This ability further enhances your hand-eye coordination while playing, sharpening your concentration as your skills get developed.

4. Improves Neural Connections

Scientific research has shown that no other activity can stimulate the brain like playing music. Playing the keyboard adds new neural connections and helps to develop some higher tiers in the brain. Improved neural connections can help increase brain function helping with learning in school and with doing daily chores.

5. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

A study published by the National Library of Medicine in 2013 found that playing the keyboard can alleviate stress and depression in elderly adults suffering depression. Although the studies focused on older adults, these findings do not exclude all ages from playing the keyboard as a way to holistically reduce depression and anxiety.

6. Enhances Open-Mindedness

Our music preferences are not hardwired into our brains but rather it is dependent on cultural influences. This was found in a 2016 study of Amazonian men and women. The study’s findings tell us that playing different types of music on instruments such as the keyboard can help us develop an open mind towards other styles and types of music, allowing us to accept and be curious about other cultures. This is especially helpful for children to develop their open-mindedness towards other cultures at a young age.

7. Stimulates Growth Hormones

It has been found that the human body can be altered by playing the keyboard. Research shows the Human Growth Hormones altered in children who play the keyboard. These growth hormones keep a person energetic and prevent problems such as body ache and pain in old age. Students who take keyboard lessons have increased levels of human growth hormones compared to those who did not.

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