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Happening in March 2018: Holiday Drum Camp

Interested in drums but have no playing experience? Or are you a drummer who's looking to advance your knowledge and skills in drumming? If so, come and join us in our Drum Camp this March 15th and 16th! We welcome both Beginner or Intermediate participants!


If you have no/little knowledge of drums, we welcome you to join our BEGINNER level! Be transformed at the end of the camp and walk away:

🥁 Looking confident on the drums;

🥁 With a clear understanding of Drum Rudiments and Techniques, and knowing how to apply them;

🥁 With strong knowledge of Music Theory to help you ace your drum notation reading;

🥁 Equipped with the capability to perform various drum beats & fill patterns, so you can rock out on your favourite songs!


If you are a drummer looking to expand your knowledge and techniques, get to stretch your mind through our INTERMEDIATE* level and learn:

🥁 How to play percussion instruments with a drummer;

🥁 How to decipher and play a song effectively BY EAR;

🥁 Advanced Music theory and Odd Meter time signatures;

🥁 How to play the drums in a band arrangement!

On the last day of the camp, you will get to perform a song at the students' showcase, and each of you will receive a copy of your performance video!



Limited slots are available, so hurry and sign up for our Drum Camp today!


*For Intermediate participants: If you are interested in the Intermediate/Advanced level, you will have to go through a pre-camp audition with us, to see if you are qualified for that level. Please select 2 songs and do separate video recordings of you playing each song on the drumset. You are allowed to play on either an Acoustic or Electric drumset. Email the videos to with the following email header: "Submission of Songs for Pre- Drum Camp 2018 Audition". We will review your submission and reply you if your registration for the Intermediate/Advanced level is successful.

**Early Bird Promotion: Promotion is only applicable to the first 3 students who have successfully registered for the camp.

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