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Why is Music Played at Sports Events?

Sports and music are two very different things but yet when we think about them, we cannot but link them together. If you have ever attended any sporting event, you will know what I mean. Did you hear music before the players walked in? Was there music during the break? But why is music played at sports events?

Music at the Entrance

The moment you walk into a sports stadium before the start of the event, you will already be welcomed by music. The reason behind having music right at the start is to set the stage, or atmosphere for sports spectators. Setting the mood is vital inside the stadium or the arena as this increases a sense of anticipation or of excitement for the audience. It can also impact how the event might unfold. In addition, the music helps to attract more people and create new fans. Background music creates a good atmosphere and is one of the key tasks for event organizers to pick the right music.

Music During Walk On

Remember watching a football game and seeing the players walk onto the pitch? One of the most common ways music is used is when it is played during athletes’ walk-ins. This is also what we see at boxing matches, snooker games, and more.

Many of the walk-on songs are used as a theme for players or teams. This can rouse up the fans as they recognise the theme song of their favourite sports team. We can often see the fans’ excitement in a boxing match where at ringside the spectators will rise up or join in with the song as the boxer comes out.

Music Increases Excitement

All of us love entertainment and music is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in culture. People not only go to concerts to enjoy the music, they attend sports events because music can create a buzz and also give a feeling that something exciting or fun is about to happen.

While music is tuned down as the match begins, fans are once again roused up during breaks to get into the mood. We can see in the Olympics games to various sports events the power of music and how it brings people together.

Music Inspires Players

Music can help prepare players to focus and envision what they want to accomplish in the game. It can also help distract players from negative thoughts or feelings to prepare them to perform in front of the crowd.

During warmup in sports like football, ice hockey to American football, music is played to help players relax. The playlist during warmup is often chosen by the players themselves. They chose music that can help them get into the mood to play.

Is Music Really Necessary for Sports?

If you ponder whether music is a necessity at sports events, the answer is simply a YES! Observe those around you, not a day goes by without anyone listening to their music playlist on the train, in the workplace, and even in cafes. Music influences our feelings and as such has become an essential part of our lives.

Sports, like music, are a form of entertainment. Sports bring people together as do music. Playing music at sports events brings people closer together. It also creates a memorable experience for sports fans.

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