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Is it Harder to Play the Piano or the Guitar?

It is difficult to decide if the piano or the guitar is harder to play. Mainly because both musical instruments have their own challenges. It also depends on individual preferences. Some people may find the piano easier to play because the keys are arranged in a linear fashion. While others may find the guitar easier to play because it is made of just six strings in a compact layout.

Advantages of the Piano and Guitar

One advantage of the piano is that it has a wide range of notes and you can play multiple notes at the same time. It also allows for a wider range of expression. The piano also has a traditional and special place in Western classical music, and learning to play the piano can open up the mind to a wide range of musical literature to explore.

The guitar, on the other hand, has a more versatile design. Its compact size allows the musician to carry it anywhere to perform, unlike the piano. Due to its portability and size, it is a popular choice for both solo and group performances. The guitar is also relatively easy to pick up. A guitarist is also able to play different styles of music from classical, and rock to jazz.

Disadvantages of the Piano and Guitar

There are also disadvantages to learning both the piano and the guitar. One obvious disadvantage of the piano is its size and cost. It is expensive to purchase and also to maintain. It also requires a dedicated space in the home. The guitar is cheaper and easier to store and maintain. But it can be hard to play - pressing the strings with the correct pressure and placing your fingers in the right places for a good tone and melody can be a challenge, especially for beginners.

Skills and Competency

Whether a musical instrument is easy or hard to play really depends on the skills and competency of the player as well. For beginners, the guitar may seem less intimidating and easier to play because of its fewer strings and simpler chords. The more experienced musician may find the piano easier because of its wide range of notes and the ability to play multiple notes at once.


Overall, both the piano and guitar can be simple or complex depend on the individual. One thing for sure is, both musical instruments require a significant amount of time for practice and also dedication for mastery. Whether one or the other is harder really depends on the motivation, abilities and goal of the musician.

Both the piano and guitar can provide a lifetime of enjoyment. They can also be played in a variety of musical styles. Playing an instrument can provide benefits to both the mind and body, such as improving memory, hand, leg and finger coordination, and overall improvement of one’s cognitive function.

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