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Drum Warm-Ups For Newbies

If you have searched and found this post, it means you are curious about learning drums. Drums indeed come with the alluring factor of being able to release stress and letting out excess energy while making rhythmic beats. It feels good to let out bad moods by releasing endorphins hitting on drums. Wouldn’t it be nice to transform a bad mood into beautiful music? We share drum techniques here for newbies who are keen to learn more about drumming.

How To Hold The Drumsticks

There is a technique to holding drumsticks correctly or in a comfortable manner for you to start playing drums. For beginners, it may be best to go for the traditional grip, where the left-hand holds the drumstick differently from the right hand (see image below).

The trick to holding the drumsticks is to hold it without gripping too tightly but allowing it to be free somewhat so that it can be free to do its work. Hold it in a relaxed way so it doesn’t fall out of your hands but tight enough so it doesn’t fly off when you hit the snare.

Drum Warm-Up Exercise

If you didn’t know, warm-up exercises for drummers are essential to keep a drummer’s skill up to speed. It helps to focus the mind and prepare the body for a great performance. There are a few drumming exercises and Ritmo Music Studio’s Jennifer shares some drumming exercise techniques.

In the video, Jennifer played the quarter-note subdivisions ranging from four to eight to sixteen notes. The exercise is all about the timing.

The idea of switching between subdivision rates may seem easy initially but the challenge is to make these transitions sound smooth and natural in an even flow. Doing the subdivision warmup allows you to practice such transitions.

After the subdivision exercise, Jennifer shared another basic go-to warm-up exercise through three rudiments. The rudiments are effective to help build focus, time, space, and dexterity.

You can choose to play each subdivision twice and then loop the entire pattern:

  1. Single Stroke: R-L-R-L

  2. Double Stroke: R-R-L-L

  3. Paradiddle: R-L-R-R L-R-L-L

In the last exercise, Jennifer shares what is the accent (lifting the drumstick higher) exercise while playing the subdivisions. The intention of the paradiddle exercise is to permute the accent at different beats and hands for control and dexterity. You can also choose to flip your hands by starting with your left hand first for leftists.

How Can I Get Started On Drums?

Ritmo Music Studio Singapore offers drum lessons for school children as well as working adults and seniors.

For intermediate and advanced drummers, good news for you! Ritmo Music Studio will be running their annual Drum Camp from December 16 to 18, 10 am - 5 pm. In this three-day workshop, you will learn:

  • Better Techniques & Stick Control

  • Intro to Jazz

  • Bossa Nova

  • Group sticking

  • Drum Shedding

  • Poly-Rhythms

You will also get the opportunity to play in an ensemble (with professional musicians)! Get our Early Bird Rate at $420 before November 15! The usual price for our workshop is $500. You can get in touch with us at WhatsApp at +65 88089763 or sign up via Eventbrite here.

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