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Events & Promotions


December Holiday Music Camps

Looking for a fun and enriching way for your kids to spend this school holidays?

Let them explore the world of music and try their hands at various musical instruments in our

Holiday Music Camps!

Music is proven to significantly improve children’s brain power, coordination skills and memory functions. Aside from that, learning in a camp setting will also allow your child to further develop their social skills, build their self-confidence and forge new friendships with other camp-goers. Who knows, you may also discover your child’s passion or talent in music!


Music Explorer Camp

(for ages 7-10)

  • Not sure which instrument will peak your child’s interest? This camp will allow your child to be exposed to various musical instruments such as: Ukulele, Vocals, Drums, Percussion, Acoustic Guitar and Keyboard

  • Camp setting: small group, low teacher to student ratio (which means your child gets more attention time from our teachers to help guide them throughout the camp), fun and interactive learning!

  • Choose from 1 day camp or all 3 days ($80 per day / $220 for full camp duration)

Camp Schedule:
Mon 2 Dec – Ukulele (3.30pm-4.30pm), Singing (5pm-6pm)
Tues 3 Dec – Drums (1pm-2pm), Percussion (2.30pm-3.30pm)
Wed 4 Dec – Acoustic Guitar (2pm-3pm), Keyboard (3.30pm-4.30pm)


Acoustic Jam Camp

(for ages 11-14)

  • Have a young teenager who is interested in being in a band or performing? With all the basic techniques they will learn from our Acoustic Jam Camp, they will be able to busk and perform simple songs solo or as a band

  • Hang out and practice sessions included! Camp-goers will be able to use our rooms and instruments to practice what they have learnt and also record videos of their songs! How about letting them enjoy being a mini star

  • $240 for entire camp duration 


Camp Schedule:
Mon 9 Dec – Ukulele Sing & Play (2.30pm-5pm with 30 minutes break), Practice & Hang-out Session (5pm-7.30pm)*

Tues 10 Dec – Cajon & Percussion (3.30pm-4.30pm), Acoustic Guitar (5pm-6pm), Practice & Hang-out Session (6pm-7.30pm)*

Wed 11 Dec – Jamming Session (12pm-6pm), Instructor's Feedback (4pm)

Thurs 12 Dec – Jamming Session (12pm-6pm), Tips on Performance Etiquette and Building Stage Presence (2pm)

Fri 13 Dec – Performance Showcase

*Practice sessions are not compulsory but highly encouraged

**Jamming sessions are free & easy, camp-goers can take breaks anytime

Music Playtime! Camp

(for Pre-schoolers)

  • Incorporate music into your kids’ play time!

  • Our Creative Percussion session will allow your child to be as creative and imaginative as possible as they create their own percussion instruments and learn how to use them to play different simple rhythms

  • Chime Bars (similar to the Xylophone) are one of the simplest ways for a child to visualize and understand musical concepts as each bar is labeled with the corresponding note and of a different color: this makes it easy for them to associate the sound of a note with the letter, and how different notes relate to each other

  • Roll-up Piano: Your child will now see how the musical notes are lined up and relate to one another on piano keys. In this session, they will learn how to play a simple tune by themselves

  • Choose from 1 day camp or all 3 days ($60 per day / $150 for full camp duration)

Camp Schedule:
Wed 18 Dec – Creative Percussion (10am-12pm)
Thurs 19 Dec – Understanding Musical Concepts using Chime Bars (10am-12pm)
Fri 20 Dec – Introduction to Piano Keys (10am-12pm)

Continue your child's musical journey!

All camp-goers will get to enjoy a promotional price when they sign-up for regular lessons!*

*Terms & Conditions apply


Interested in personalized workshops and camps?